Virtual Lino Workshops

As a response to the coronavirus outbreak, I am now offering virtual one-to-one workshops! 

How these private one-to-one sessions work

In a similar way to my usual workshops, you would have me on hand for a whole day (approx 6 hours in total) via video call. Using a free video chat service such as Facebook I would guide you through every step of the process of making a multi-colour reduction print. I will explain the process, do demos and be on hand to troubleshoot and answer questions.

The only differences to face-to-face workshops would be that I couldn't physically help you or make you a cup of tea, and you couldn't make a fuss of my dog :)

What you will need

You will need a table space and access to a sink, and a laptop with a webcam or similar equipment set up where you are planning to work, so that we can see each other and show each other what we are doing. A good web connection would be essential too.

I'll send you all the materials you need for your print plus equipment to carry on using at home

I am in the process of putting together lino kits which I can send out to you prior to your virtual workshop. These would contain all the materials you would need to create a small edition of prints and a set of good quality, brand new, budget equipment. These are bits I have picked from several different online retailers and brands, so it really is my pick of equipment and I know that these items combine together really well. You cannot buy this combination of items together in any one place, anywhere else. You will also get a simple, custom made registration frame, to enable you to line up your colours well, in order to create a lovely crisp image. And as an extra personal touch, we will discuss your design beforehand so that I can send you pre-mixed ink in the correct colours to make your design, as I would do if you were here with me in person.

The lino kits contain: a small, custom made registration frame made from card and varnished for durability, a small PVC pencil case containing an Essdee red handled lino cutter handle with interchangeable cutters 1-5, a wooden spoon, a silicone ink spatula, and ultra fine sharpie, an HB Pencil, and a scrap of lino for testing cuts. You would also recieve an Abig 9cm ink roller, an Essdee ink tray, two cleaning cloths, a piece of tracing paper, a piece of cartridge paper, a piece of cream coloured soft cut lino (10x15cm), six pieces of Somerset Satin cut down to size and four to five small pots of ink in the custom colours you require.


Workshops can currently be any day (as every day feels the same at the moment anyway!) 10am-4pm suits me, but I am flexible.

I don't know how you are fixed, but I'm guessing like me, your diary is now empty.

International students 

I am happy to try to work around your time zone, I am GMT (moving to BST on the 29th March). For wildly different time zones, splitting the workshop into two or three sessions might necessary, please get in touch and we can discuss this.

How to book

My virtual workshops are 185 including the lino kit for those within the UK. For anywhere else in the world please get in touch for a quote as the postage keeps changing (going up!)

You can pay for your private workshop by clicking the PayPal link below. You don't need a Paypal account to use this link. Or you can contact me for bank details if you would prefer to make a transfer.

Pay 185 for a virtual lino workshop (UK only)

When you have paid, please get in touch so we can discuss the colours you will need in your design and we'll pin down a date for your workshop. We will need to leave enough time for me to get the lino kit to you beforehand.

Anything else?

If you would prefer to get in touch before booking or have any questions, please email me