Water and Reflections

I enjoy depicting water with my linocuts. I enjoy the challenge of tricking the eye into seeing a convincing representation of a rippling or mirror water effect.
Scenes depicted here are from Bicester and Kirtlington in Oxfordshire, Brackley in Northamptonshire, Hyde Park in London, Great Linford in Milton Keynes, Robin Hood's Bay in Yorkshire, Mevagissey in Cornwall, Stowe Landscape Gardens in Buckinghamshire, the Botanic Gardens in Oxford, the Southbank in London, and views from the Lake District including scenes from Grasmere and Buttermere.

/library/uploads/Images_S8/WEB2SCALE Grasmere Tree.jpg/library/uploads/Images_S8/WEB2SCALE Buttermere View.jpg/library/uploads/Images_S8/WEB2SCALE Grasmere River.jpg/library/uploads/Images_S8/WEB2SCALE Southbank Reflections.jpg/library/uploads/Images_S8/WEB2SCALE Beer Boat Blue.jpg/library/uploads/Images_S8/WEB2SCALE Beer Coast.jpg

I have displayed these images to scale with each other. I.e, the larger they look on screen, the larger they are in real life.

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