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50 prints in 2017 part two

29 October 2017

Update. Still a little behind with the challenge and starting to wonder whether I will complete all 50 prints before the end of the year (ideally before Christmas). I have just completed print 38, which leaves me 12 prints to do in two months! Hmm, watch this space... 
Here are the prints from 18 - 29, completed 25th June up to 25th August, Actually, that is around 12 prints in two months so perhaps I can finish....! 

This is print number 29, Summer Woodland Puddles. I'm very pleased with the sparkling light in this piece.
/library/uploads/Images_S8/WEB2SCALE Summer Woodland Puddles.jpg
A mini print focusing on some clouds that I found interesting, this is Cloud Study, print number 28
/library/uploads/Images_S8/WEB2SCALE Cloud Study.jpg
I printed these monoprints partly as it was our BAFA Printmakers 'homework' and partly because of the increased hype created around monoprints by the Bankside 'Masters' open exhibition. I did't submit them as at the time I didn't think they were good enough. Looking at them later, I actually like them more than I did when I was creating them. This is probably my most successful monoprinting session. I did enjoy doing them, perhaps I will attempt some more.
Final attempt at a bluebell wood monoprint, print 27
/library/uploads/Images_S8/WEB2SCALE Bluebell mono 3.jpg
Print 26 another attempt at bluebell wood monoprinting
/library/uploads/Images_S8/WEB2SCALE Bluebell mono 2.jpg
Print 25 a monoprint attempting to capture a bluebell wood
/library/uploads/Images_S8/WEB2SCALE Bluebell mono 1.jpg
Here are prints 22, 23 and 24. All printed at the same time with the same block, with varying skies to add different moods; Branscombe Boat, Overcast has a grey sky; Branscombe Boat, Fisherman's Delight has a hint of pink in the sky and Branscombe Boat, Sunny has a bright blue sky. I admit it is hard to see the difference on screen, it is easier to see in real life.I also have three other colour experiments that I did not make into editions.
/library/uploads/Images_S8/WEB2SCALE Branscombe Boat, Fishermans Delight.jpg/library/uploads/Images_S8/WEB2SCALE Branscombe Boat, Sunny.jpg
/library/uploads/Images_S8/WEB2SCALE Branscombe Boat, Overcast.jpg
Lake View with Swan is the first time I have printed an animal since I learned how to do reduction lino. Actually that's not 100% true, I've printed a few bees, but they were small...
Very pleased with the vibrancy of this piece. I made a big mistake early on which nearly ruined the whole edition but I managed to rescue it! Print 21.
/library/uploads/Images_S8/WEB2SCALE Lake View with Swan.jpg
Print 20 is Lilies and Reflections, commissioned as a smaller version of last year's popular Lily Pond Reflections by an Oxfordshire Artweeks customer.
/library/uploads/Images_S8/WEB2SCALE Lilies and Reflections.jpg
Beer Boat Red and Beer Boat Blue are both printed from the same block but I experimented to see how the differing boat colours affect the other colours in the prints. These were my demo prints during Bucks Open Studios. Prints 18 and 19.
/library/uploads/Images_S8/WEB2SCALE Beer Boat Red.jpg/library/uploads/Images_S8/WEB2SCALE Beer Boat Blue.jpg

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