Lino Workshops and Teaching

Phoenix Studio - face to face, two day group lino workshops

I am happy to announce that I have two face to face workshops in the pipeline for 2021 at the Phoenix Studio in Towersey. Please click on the dates below to see the relevant booking information and availability on the Phoenix Studio website.

24th/25th July 2021

23rd/24th October 2021

Stowe House - face to face, one day group lino workshop

Excited to offer this one day lino workshop in the stunning stately rooms at Stowe House. Click the date below for more information and to book your place.

Sunday 31st October 2021 SOLD OUT

Private workshops - virtual

For the time being, I'm am only available for virtual one-to-one teaching. I can offer virtual session/s over Google Meet or Zoom.  Whether you are completely new to lino printing or want to improve a particular aspect of your work, you'll have my undivided attention. You might want to work through a project from beginning to end or have a project on the go already that you need assistance with. You could also quiz me for several hours and not create anything, it's up to you. 

The price is 25 per hour. Here is a guide to how much time you might like to book, please bear in mind how quickly you think you can work, the size of your piece, your experience level and whether you want me to help through the entire process or just get you started off:

1-2hrs - good for a question and answer session and/or a short printing session, enough time to complete a simple single colour piece
3-4hrs - usually enough time to complete a simple reduction or multiblock, e.g. 2/3 colours on a smaller piece of lino
5-6hrs - required to complete a more complex reduction or multiblock e.g. 2/3 colours on a larger work or 4/5 colours on a small work

You will need to provide your own equipment and materials, and have a suitable device to connect with. 

Please email and get in touch to book for now, while I figure our how to make this 'bookable' on my website. 

When you get in touch, please let me know what you would like to learn, how much time you would like to book and your availability. I am happy to accommodate your time zone. Bookings can be done all in one session or split into smaller time slots, this is particularly recommended if our time zones are very different, or if your ink will take time to dry. I can do mornings from 10am and I'm happy to work until 8pm in the evening. My time zone is BST in the Spring/Summer and GMT in the Autumn/Winter.

New Patreon page

I have set up a Patreon account as a place to extend the content I share on social media. I will post helpful techniques, tips, resources and demonstrations for linocut printmakers. The content is suitable for anyone wishing to improve their printmaking practise and in need of some input, assistance and inspiration. It will also serve as on-going support for those who have attended my workshops. In time I'm hoping this will build into a really useful resource and a happy community of printmakers. I hope you will consider becoming a patron and supporting me with this this new venture. 

I am adding information and articles to my Patreon feed regularly as and when subjects come to mind, I have listed the topics covered so far below:

My tips to get started easily and cheaply with lino printing - my suggestions for equipment you might like to source when starting out

How I avoid the unwanted 'noise' when printing... - tips on how to avoid those extra bits if ink creeping into unwanted areas

Colours used in my Ginkaku-ji pair and their order - photos of these two prints in different stages and swatches of the colours used. The order of the colours is one of my most frequently asked question.

A failed Instagram post that you might find useful - a video troubleshooting an inking up problem

Creating Seaside Poppies - in depth article describing the cut and colour decisions I had to make while creating this complex reduction linocut

Japanese Interior - black and white linocut video demonstration - in depth video of me creating a single colour linocut

Japanese Interior - multi-block from a single colour block demonstration - in depth video of how I turned my single colour linocut into a multi-block design