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Reduction linocut printmaker

Since moving to Bicester in 2012 I have been able to set up a basic studio at home to practice and improve my reduction linocut technique. I also use this space to teach linocutting privately. Linocutting is a relief printing technique where areas are carved from a block with gouges, the surface of the block is then inked up and an impression is taken. Reduction linocut is a technique which enables a multi-coloured impression to be built up in layers. It is a perfect medium for me as it requires logical thinking and accuracy, whilst giving me opportunity to fully explore colour. I tend to approach my work in a painterly way as I have done a lot of painting in the past.


Many of my linocuts are woodland themed. I enjoy walking my dog in the woods and I find them a constant source of inspiration. I often go to Stoke Wood managed by the Woodland Trust or more recently Evenley Wood Garden. I also enjoy watery scenes, summer fields and flowers as themes for my linocuts. A favourite local place to source good reflections in St James's lake in Brackley. I am also lucky to have several great National Trust gardens nearby, Stowe, Waddesdon and Claydon. The majority of my work is inspired by places local to me, unless I have been lucky enough to get away on holiday. Generally I'm attracted by any scene with an interesting combination of colours or dramatic light. 

I can show you how...

I have been teaching lino from my home studio since 2013 and I've see all sorts of people. Some haven't picked up a pencil in 40 years and need encouragement, others are arty already and want to try out a technique that is new to them, and some have plenty of linocutting experience already and want to focus on something specific. All seem to leave happy, which is always pleasing! I also offer larger group workshops with the Phoenix Studio in Towersey. If you are interested in knowing more about my private or group workshops, see Lino Workshops and Teaching.

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I now have a Paypal shop on my own website. See all my work, past and present in the Artwork Gallery and Shop I also sell on Artfinder <- use this link for a discount on your first purchase. 

A few of my works are also for sale on Etsy

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I am @alexandra.buckle on Instagram This is the platform I am most active on. I tend to share in progress work, photos of scenes that inspire me, the odd selfie...
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I am also trying to take more video content for my You Tube channel
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