Resources and FAQs

This section of my website is to answer some frequently questions. It also serves as a point of reference for my students. If your question is not answered here, please get in touch. If I feel the answer to your question will help others, I'll put my answer here.

Where do I buy my equipment from?

I buy all of my materials and equipment online from several different websites:

Jackson's Art
Lawrence Art Supplies
Great Art
Intaglio Printmaker

What materials do I use?


I have nearly always used soft cut lino or more recently Japanese Vinyl. It has a green layer on one side and blue layer on the other. When you cut into it, the green (or blue) is removed to reveal the grey underneath. I find this helpful as you can 'read' the lino easily. I buy my Japanese Vinyl either from Intaglio Printmaker, Lawrence Art Supplies or Handprinted.


Since very early on in my printmaking career I have always used Somerset Satin paper made made by St Cuthburt's Mill. I use both the 250gsm and the 300gsm weight depending on the size I am working. I buy my Somerset paper, either from Jackson's Art or Lawrence Art Supplies or John Purcell.


I have only ever used water-based inks. Schmincke is my go to brand, I am very happy with them. I buy them either from Jackson's Art or Great Art. Jackson's will send it quicker (within the UK) but you might get a better price with Great Art.

What tools and equipment do I use?


To begin with I hand burnished my prints. After a while, I bought myself the Abig Hand Printing Press from Great Art which served me well for several years. I do now also have the Abig Printing Press 500mm which I have been very happy with and has enabled me to print much bigger. I chose this press mainly because of the bed size for weight ratio - I wanted to print big, but be able to move the thing around. It was a bit of a punt, as you can see there is minimal information about it! This press is now also available from Handprinted.


I got by with a simple Essdee, red handled lino cutting set for years before I felt the need to purchase better quality tools. I also have a cheap Abig set which I still find useful. When I did upgrade I bought myself a few Pfiel tools. I now have fifteen of them but some get a lot more use than others. I keep them sharp with a Flexcut Slip Strop which you can see here on Jackson's Art.


I used to hand burnish my big work before I got my larger press, I have a nice baren made by Speedball which has a smooth padded surface to glide over the paper and a nice wooden handle to hold. See it here on Jackson's Art.

Video of me printing Bamboo Shade, 2020

This video shows every stage of my printing process including registration and ink mixing, it also shows my studio workspace from different angles. This is an eight stage, twelve colour, one block reduction.

You can see more videos on my YouTube channel here. Please consider subscribing.

Video from 2017 of me printing Daisy Delights

An eight colour, one plate linocut reduction.

Any questions?

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