2019 CHALLENGE: 25 Prints and 50 Paintings

6 May 2019

This year I plan to complete 25 linocuts. Alongside these pieces I shall also create 50 mini paintings. See them all here as they are completed... UPDATE: 6th May 2019 I have fallen a little behind with my challenge I think... though I have two super (very nearly finished) prints and 4 mini paintings to share with you very soon! Watch this space...

/library/uploads/Images_S8/6 bluebell banner.jpg
/library/uploads/Images_S8/5 woodland snow banner.jpg
/library/uploads/Images_S8/4 hellebore banner.jpg
/library/uploads/Images_S8/3 snowdrops banner.jpg
/library/uploads/Images_S8/1 grasmere birches banner.jpg
/library/uploads/Images_S8/1 lakeside puddles banner1.jpg

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