Landscape Artist of the Year

18 January 2022

Iím finally able to announce that last year I had the pleasure of being a wild card entry for Landscape Artist of the year. The new series started airing on Sky Arts on the 12th January, I was a wildcard for the episode at Whitstable which airs on the 26th January.

I had planned to paint as surely lino would be too tricky? But at the last minute, when I saw that the weather was likely to be fine, I decided to try doing lino and put together a plein-air lino printing kit. It worked a treat and I was able to a reduction lino outside, on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year!

At this stage I am not allowed to reveal how I did or my finished piece of work but here is a picture of my working...

/library/uploads/Images_S8/Alexandra Buckle in Whitstable.jpg

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